Since my last blog post had the rip-roaring success of literally tens of views, I felt compelled to write another for my insatiable fan (AKA, my ego). However, I don’t know what exactly I want to write about, even now. Perhaps I will find it along the way. All I know is that I want to say something. I do know who to blame for this feeling though. Bruce Springsteen. 

  I really enjoyed writing my last blog post, despite not being able to shake the feeling that writing something for the internet is the equivalent of shouting into the void. It’s a strangely satisfactory feeling, no doubt induced from the small hit of dopamine that my brain released when I saw that someone had read it. Either way, it felt good and Bruce has inspired me to do it again. 

   Now, many of my friends know I am an avid reader (since moving out to Switzerland in Aug 2016, I have read 19 books) but autobiographies really don’t interest me as much as either factual books or narratives. A good story has a truly profound effect on me (not least because I get the most influential ones tattooed on me). I never really find myself interested in the life stories of celebrities if instead, I can read/listen to/watch or otherwise enjoy the product that caught my attention in the first place. At Christmas, my brothers and mum made the correct call to challenge that notion and send me ‘Born to Run’ as a Christmas present.

  I knew Bruce was from a very blue collar background and that it had influenced his song writing but in reading this book, I’ve realised how incredibly relatable his internal struggles are to me and his ultimate solace was writing music and songs (that part to my knowledge is somewhat unrelatable to me). For a long time I listened to his songs without understanding that all he wanted to do was tell a story. The stories of his childhood, his neighbours, his community and his country, all while rockin’ your ass off for 3 hours in a stadium full of people. His honesty and eloquence about his own home life and problems in ‘Born to Run’ has woken me into realising that perhaps I am who I am today not in spite of the struggles I have faced growing up but because of them. And who I am today, unfortunately for you, is someone who enjoys writing into the void…

 So I guess I just found out the point of this post. I guess it is just a long winded note to say that I will occasionally be posting more blog articles and if you don’t like it then you know who to blame…

Bruce Springsteen.