I might seem like a strange choice to be writing something about miracles at Easter time but this time of year seems appropriate for the message I will try and convey in this musing. First things first though, it has been a little while since I’ve posted on here so I shall open this essay by apologising to anyone who has so far read these things with even the vaguest, bored interest for taking so long. It’s been a really busy time for me recently and I have wanted to post about a whole bunch of things happening in the world but haven’t had the time. Now so much has happened that I couldn’t possibly write about just one. Clearly I’d make a terrible journalist. Most of the things happening in the news are generally bad things, or at the very least, making a lot of us uncomfortable. So in a vain attempt to try and make a tiny percentage of the world feel better about themselves (in this case, that’s you), I want to point your attention to a miracle in all our lives. It’s appropriate that this is being written on Easter Sunday huh?

  First, it is important to understand the definition of a miracle. It’s generally accepted that a miracle is defined as an event that has occurred that is generally not explained via natural or scientific laws as the odds of such of an event are more or less 0%.

  There is a miracle that has happened to you already. The fact that you are sat there right now. Not just that any person is sat there, but that you specifically are sat there. That you are specifically you as oppose to being someone (or something else). Your DNA has reproduced itself for billions of years to get you to right where you are at this very moment. The chances that you even exist are so remote that you fall into the category of a miracle.

  The chances of one of your fathers twelve trillion sperm cells just happening to collide with one of your mothers thousands of eggs is incredibly unlikely. And that’s just your parents having you. Not to mention it had to be your grandparents having specifically your parents. Your great grandparents having specifically your grandparents. If you multiply just those odds, you should feel like you won the lottery. Now multiply those odds down every generation of human or humanoid species. You are currently and undeniably at the end of your own perfect, spectacular and unbroken ancestral chain that starts with you and goes all the way to the very first single celled organism over four billion years ago. That. Is. A. Miracle. And we can remind ourselves of this when we tell ourselves that we are a bit fat, that our lives are a bit rubbish or that we could look better.

  This life is the only life we will ever have accompanied by the one body we will ever have. We can be kinder to ourselves, and consequently to others as well because we are all doing it. We are all at times carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. I’m really grateful if anyone is reading this right now and has that sense of profundity, but I of course understand it is much harder when you are just trying to get through your every day. I think it is important however to occasionally return to the present moment. It is truly all we have and it can help, at least it helps me, to remember this every so often. It’s important to realise how we are treating ourselves and others in the present moment. These small moments of introspective understanding can aid all of us in having a happier life. Remember…

You are the miracle. Happy Easter.

Image – Biologos.org